Special non homologated

N.CAR 329

Model to carry person on wheelchair
25 kph
Number of seats
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Melex 329 N.CAR was designed to meet special needs of passengers on wheelchairs. It can carry one person on wheelchair and four additional persons. Universal system allows safely and easily to lock multiple types of wheelchair. Melex models of N.CAR line are based on solid, galvanized, steel frame, which ensures construction solidity and offers big loading capacity. The multiframe suspension of the front wheels, as well as spacious and ergonomic interior providing high travelling comfort. Modern and strong 5.0 AC motor is very efficient and free maintenance. What's more, each model is equipped in slow/fast run switch limiting speed up to 15 km/h, which which improves safety maneuverability in narrow streets. All this constitutes original and modern design. We also provide wide range of standard and optional equipment. Each model is equipped with colorful integrated indicators system, which presents all data in one place, such as speed, range, batteries energy level, distance to go. Additionally we can offer weather enclosure which protects passenger against wind and rain. Rear seats can be equipped with foldable seat/platform, which allows just with one move change seat into transport platform. 


- 4- persons and driveway for wheelchair;
- 8 pcs of T-145 with capacity of 260 Ah in discharging cycle 20h;
- 5.0 kW AC motor;
- battery charger on-board 48V;
- double A-frame suspension with disc brakes;
- 13 inches wheels;
- wheels covers;
- front suspension with disc brakes;
- gear ratio 20:1;
- top;
- glass windshield with wiper and washer;
- galvanized frame;
- rear LED lamps;
- closed gloves compartment;
- seat belts for hips.
- lithium batteries with battery charger 2.3 kW;
- lithium batteries with battery charger 7.2 kW;
- 8.0 kW AC motor with controller 450 A;
- power steering;
- forward drive buzzer;
- front tubular bumper;
- installation for radio, antenna, loudspeakers;
- radio with memory maintenance function;
- rear foldable seat/platform;
- system of refilling water in batteries 48V;
- bolsters (6 pcs);
- profiled seats and seatback (4XX style);
- weather enclosure;
- cooling system for motor;
- orange stroboscobe or rotating warning lamp;
- forward drive buzzer;
- aluminium rims (4 pcs);
- pearl layer;
- right-hand steering;
Colors to be chosen of RAL palette, except RAL 1026, 1027, 2005, 2007, 3024, 3026, 6038.
For colors RAL 1019, 1035, 1036 - additional payment.

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