Cargo street legal

N.CAR 341H

2-persons cargo model with loading capacity of 120 kg - category L7e (MWRE8A*05)
39 kph
Number of seats
Gallery Details

The smallest model of N.CAR line equipped with cabin. Modern design and innovative technological solutions, combined with practical, aluminium cargo of 120 kg, make it very popular among customers. Thanks to ist modern shape it is perfect for thight streets and narrow companies transport ways. The vehicle can be additionally equipped with WEBASTO diesel heating system, as well as towing hook, which significantly extends the range of its application.  


- doors;
- 8 pcs of T-145 batteries with capacity 260 Ah in discharging cycle 20h;
- 5.0 kW AC motor;
- battery charger on-board 48V;
- system of refilling water in batteries 48V;
- aluminium cargo with dimensions 950 x 1170 x 250 mm- loading capacity 130 kg;
- 13 inches wheels;
- wheels covers;
- system of integrated indicators;
- full light installation;
- front suspension with disc brakes;
- gear ratio 16:1 (or 20:1);
- aluminium cargo with dimensions 950 x 1170 x 250 mm;
- rear LED lamps;
- rear tubular bumper;
- closed gloves compartment;
- front and rear registration plates;
- holders below cargo to fix belts;
- bolsters (2 pcs).
ATTENTION: street legal versions are not equipped with front tubular bumper.
- lithium batteries with battery charger 2.3 kW;
- lithium batteries with battery charger 7,2 kW;
- towing hook;
- power steering;
- forward drive buzzer;
- installation for radio, antenna, loudspeakers;
- radio with maintenance memory function;
- profiled seats and seat back (4XX style);
- profiled seats CORDURA;
- roof rellings;
- aluminium rims (set 4 pcs);
- orange rotating or stroboscope lamp;
- netting boards for cargo made of AL profiles;
- cargo box made of AL profiles (dim. 950 x 1170 x 350 mm hidden locks) instead of standard one;
- pearl layer;
- plane.
Colors to be chosen of RAL palette, except RAL 1026, 1027, 2005, 2007, 3024, 3026, 6038.
For colors RAL 1019, 1035, 1036 - additional payment.
- Webasto Diesel heating (power heating 2 kW) or;
- Planar Diesel heating (power heating 2 kW) or;
- electric heating (power heating 0,85 kW) or;
- front heated windshield.

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