Cargo non homologated


2-persons cargo model with loading capacity 200 kg
27 kph
Number of seats
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Model Melex 435 this is the smallest cargo model of N.CLASSIC line for use in interior halls and out of the public roads. Compact size and double A-frame suspension significantly improves comfort drive and maneuverability of Melex. With a rich palette of options and special constructions we can fit our new model to your requirements. Among the available options there are the front acrylic windshield, top or towing hook allowing to make this small vehicle a universal means of transport. 


- 6 pcs of 8V batteries with capacity 170 Ah in discharging cycle 20h;
- 3.3 kW AC motor;
- battery charger on-board 48V ;
- wheels 18,5 x 8,5-8;
- battery discharge indicator;
- gear ratio 16:1;
- galvanized frame;
- mechanical brakes/ hill brake;
- aluminium cargo made of sheet black painted with dimensions 770 x 1145 x 250 mm;
- color of body: white RAL 9016;
- flat grey seat.
- 5.0 kW AC motor (gear ratio 20:1);
- top with acrylic windshield;
- front tubular bumper;
- system of refilling water in batteries 48V;
- gloves compartment & cup (grey color);
- orange LED stroboscope lamp on bracket;
- wheels 205/50-10;
- aluminium rims for wheels 205/50-10;
- wheels covers for 10 inches;
- profiled seats;
- change of color of RAL palette (except reserved colors);
- canvas cover;
- aluminum cargo box made of aluminum profiles dim. 950 x 1170 x 250 (instead of standard one);
- aluminum cargo box made of aluminum profiles dim. 950 x 1170 x 350 hidden locks (instead of standard one);
- netting boards (for box made of aluminum profiles);
- different color of body;
- different color of top.

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