Cargo non homologated

N.CAR 385.1

2-persons cargo model with loading capacity 550 kg
25 kph
Number of seats
Gallery Details

Model 385.1 N.CAR by the name Face Lifting is the newest proposal of company Melex. Model without doors with opened cabin, based on N.CAR line is distinguished by new design emphasizing modern and universal nature of model. The elements connected in an innovative way make it become eye-catching showcase of modern business. With a rich palette of options and special cargo constructions we can perfect match our model to your expectations. 


- 8 pcs of batteries T-145 with capacity 260 Ah in loading cycle 20h;
- 5.0 kW AC motor;
- battery charger on-board 48V;
- wheels 13 inches;
- front suspension with disc brakes;
- gear ratio 16:1 (or 20:1);
- rear LED lamps;
- LED daylights;
- top;
- glass windshield with wiper and washer;
- 3-point seat belts;
- front and rear tubular bumper;
- closed gloves compartment;
- profilled seat CORDURA;
- cargo made of aluminium profiles AL 1150 x 1240 x 250 mm.
ATTENTION: model available with 72V installation. About details, please contact yourself with Sales Department (+48 17 773 81 19/+48 17 773 81 08)
- lithium batteries with battery charger 3.0 kW;
- lithium batteries with battery charger 7.2 kW;
- 8.0 kW AC motor with controller 450 A;
- cooling motor system;
- towing hook;
- installation for radio, antenna, loudspeakers;
- radio with maintenance memory function;
- system of refilling water in batteries 48V;
- bolsters;
- roof rellings;
- electric lifter;
- netting boards for cargo;
- plane;
- holders to fix belts below cargo;
- forward drive buzzer;
- aluminium rims;
- 14 inches wheels (24x8,5x14) with aluminium rims;
- 14 inches wheels (24x 8,5x14) with steel rim;
- orange stroboscope or rotating warning lamp.

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