The newest Melex passenger model

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Model 486 this is the newest proposal of Melex. The biggest model of N.CLASSIC, 8-person passenger this is the company’s response to the tourist season that begins soon. Thanks to the attractive design, referring to first Melex models, with an increased number of seats, modern construction, wide range of options, the model has a chance to become a hit of this season. Double A-frame suspension and two-color profiled seats make the vehicle more comfortable to drive and agile and that is why it can move in inaccessible to standard vehicles places such as narrow streets of old cities or in terminals. For a client’s request, rear seat could be equipped with the system that allows to change it with just one move into a luggage platform. Model is equipped with on-board battery charger so the battery can be charged straight from the socket. The model will be also available in a BASIC version.

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