Developing in R&D Department in Mielec, Poland (department of aircraft factory WSK Mielec) on the base of US importers requirements the technical documentation and sending 10 pcs of information batch the Melex electric vehicles.  


Starting the serial production of Melex electric vehicles in newly created departmemt of WSK aircraft factory in Mielec, Poland.


U.S. Embargo - decrease of sales in United States. Looking for the new customers, products diversification.


Process of privatisation in Poland. Starting an activity as a separate company. Development of utility cargo models. 

the 1st of September, 2004

Melex Ltd. was bought by Andrzej and Dorota Tyszkiewicz. Starting the activity as private company by the name Melex A&D Tyszkiewicz Sp. J. Further widening dealers network all over the world. Introducing to the offer special models.  


Introduction to the offer models of new line by the name N.CAR (3XX).


Introduction to the offer models of the latest line by the name N.CLASSIC (4XX).


Starting new project by the name N.TRUCK, utility modular vehicle with electric drive by max. loading capacity up tp 2 tones, for transport in urban and industrial areas. 

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