MELEX Ltd. company this is world famous producer of small electric vehicles. Our rich tradition, history and experience have resulted in customers recognition, prizes and awards such as Diamenty Forbesa (Forbes Diamonds), Qltowa Marka (Cult Trademark), TERAZ POLSKA or Gospodarcza Nagroda Prezydenta RP (Economic Award of President of Republic of Poland) in category International Success. Vehicles manufactured for 50 years have gained so much popularity that name MELEX has become synonym of the product in the entire segment of electric vehicles market. This year in September we held 50th anniversary of serial production. MELEX  Ltd. this is in one hundred percent Polish company, which we are very proud of. Our main advantage is customizing - each model we adapt to individual customers requirement. MELEX brand is synonym of the highest quality products and modern technological solutions, what is confirmed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. Melex small electric vehicles are street legal in category L7e (EU), which allows to move on public roads. Our company focuses on development and that is why we are constantly developing our dealers network and introducing to the new models to serial production.    

MELEX Ltd. is a versatile manufacturer of small electric vehicles, which offers over 100 different models, which you can use successfully  in almost each branch. They can carry 4- up to 8-persons, as well as cargo from 250 kg up to 1 250 kg. They are used by factories, logistic centers, supermarkets, municipalities, tourism companies, airports, bus and railway stations, hotels & SPA, restaurants, farm tourism facilities, hospitals, sanatoriums, sport & recreational centers, stadiums, golf courses, police, post offices, schools, kindergartens, zoo, botanic parks, farmers or foresters. Regarding ecological aspect, as well as compact size, our vehicles are ideal for closed for traffic zones, such as old towns, parks and nature reserves, cementeries. 

        In 2009 there was premiere of new line of vehicles by the name N.CAR (3XX). Several new technical solutions, such as double A-frame suspension, improving drive comfort, energy saving and free maintenance motor, colored display in dashboard, where in one place there are data as level of batteries discharge, speed, mileage (km) and distance to go, revised design, made the models of this line very attractive for the customers. It influenced significantly on expanding wide range of our models. In 2015 we have presented first models with updated construction of next line by the name N.CLASSIC (4XX), which refers to design of first Melex models. Model Face Lifting with garbage container is the answer of municipalities and communal branch. Model is equipped with tipper from which you can rid off the wastes directly into standard garbage container. Melex with a mobile hydrophore system can be used to disinfection, watering and irrigation. At present we are developing new project of model with electric drive by the name N.TRUCK, with max. capacity of two tones, which will be unique in comparison to such the models all over the world. However, this is not the end of new solutions because R&D Department constantly is working on new models and special versions of present ones. At present there are tests and homologation process of next, jubilee cabin line. N.50 this is the next surprise offered by our company.

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